Liz Smith

Brentwood & Ongar Manager

Liz SmithLiz has been the Ongar Manager at Biz’ee Women since September 2016 and more recently has taken on the Manager’s role at Brentwood too.

I have been attending the Biz’ee Women group for 3 years now and i have seen my business increase by 30%!!
Networking in the community is a key part of owning your own business and also and opportunity to let your business shine!

Biz’ee Women is such a friendly, relaxed and welcoming group and I am very proud to be part of this networking community. Also, Biz’ee Women offers me the flexibility to build business relationships around the school run.


Liz’s main business is Travel Counsellors. She loves sourcing holidays of all varieties for her clients and is always on hand 24/7.