Benefits of Enrolling

  • Substantial savings on network meeting fees (9 months). No need for cash at each meeting as all meetings are pre-paid, the more you attend the more you save.
  • 12 month standard online directory listing on the network’s website(s)*
  • Featured Business listing in 1 of 12 monthly editions of the network’s newsletter.**
  • Banner advert in 1 of 12 monthly editions of the network’s newsletter.**
  • Social media promotion of your business across the network’s social media platforms 4 times per calendar year to fit in with your marketing plan.**
  • Up to 20% discount rate off our July and December special networking events
  • Digital ‘Queen Bee’ badge to be used across your marketing channels.

*Upgrade to Featured business listing for an additional £10 per annum. **All content must be provided by the Queen Bee. If artwork is required this can be purchased via our sister company Bee Spotted for £15.


1.   The agreement and all benefits which form part of the loyalty programme by Biz’ee Mums/Biz’ee
Women will be valid for a 12 month calendar period from the date of signature.

2.   The Queen Bee Loyalty Programme is per business (maximum 2 individuals per business).
a.    If you have more than one business you will be permitted to promote at any physical
meetings without further charge. However if you wish to receive other Queen Bee benefits an
additional form will be required along with payment of 50% of the main agreement fee.
b.   If you have 2 individuals representing the same business then all individuals may attend
meetings. Other benefits will remain as would be for an individual i.e. not duplicated as there are
2 individuals. If you wish to duplicate benefits an additional form and full payment will be

3.   There is no limit to the number of meetings you may attend within your period of agreement in
the Queen Bee Loyalty Programme.

4.   Should the group expand to other locations, then you will not pay any extra as this will be
included in your package.

5.   Physical meetings run for a 9 month period. In August no physical meetings will take place at
all. In July and December joint networking meetings will take place- these meetings carry additional
fees due to their nature and are not included in the Queen Bee package. You will however be granted up to 20% discount of the “ticket” price.

6.   Should any physical network meetings cease to exist Biz’ee Mums/Biz’ee Women shall review and
assess the entire package given and the stage of the programme which you are at. Each case will be
assessed individually and Biz’ee Mums/Biz’ee Womens’ decision is final.

7.   All payments are pre-payment in advance by cash, cheque or BACs.

8.   No refunds will be given under any circumstances for no shows at meetings over long periods of
time, or missed agreed “promotional” slots deadlines.

9.   Should any payment plan default or be cancelled then you will revert back to the normal price
at each meeting and the benefits will cease immediately.

10. A 45-day renewal notice will be issued prior to expiry date of agreement, in which you will
have 3 week notice period to notify us of renewal including pre-payment, if no confirmation is
received then your agreement will be cancelled immediately.

11. Biz'ee Mums/Women reserve the right to review your membership at any time and make fair and
informed decisions whether to continue or cease the agreement. This would include, but not be
limited to, etiquette as a Queen Bee.

12. Biz’ee Mums/Biz’ee Women reserve the right to update and or amend any terms to ensure the
smooth running of the network. Should this occur at any stage you will be notified in writing.

Payment Options & Methods

Quarterly (£30)
Bi-annually (£60)
Annually (£120)

Payment payable in advance via invoice.
Cash, Cheque or BACs only.

Agreement Term
Commitment required of 12 months.

Meeting Exclusivity

Meeting Exclusivity

Queen Bee's (from February 2014) are automatically given exclusivity at all meetings. Should they not be able to attend notice must be given in advance so that we can open the meeting to another attendee to cover the 'absent' trade.

Only 1 trade per Queen Bee, per meeting. Full list of attendees and trades on the meeting booking page on Eventbrite. Queen Bee's must update their own details/attendance on Eventbrite.